Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., this social media specialist has studied abroad in three countries, and worked for a range of companies varying from tech startups to nonprofits before joining Tractenberg & Co.’s digital team. Read on for all the things he’s loving this month!

Name/Title: Matthew James, Digital Director

Favorite Places in New York City: I’m all about downtown: the Financial District is great because it has so many cool, tall buildings and is so fun to explore. Plus, it’s close to the seaport, which is awesome. I also like the West Village. It’s a really unique and multifaceted part of the city with tons of great restaurants–perfect for a foodie like myself.

Must-Read Sites: Buffer has a great social media blog that I’m always checking to keep up with the latest industry news and tools, and I love Grantland for my sports and entertainment news. and Mashable are my go-to sites for current events, and since I’m a gamer, I read Kotaku a lot. Of course, I can’t forget about Buzzfeed and The Onion for loads of laughs.

Things I love Right Now: I’m a pretty simple guy: for me, a great weekend/weeknight consists of playing some “Dragon Age” or “Mortal Kombat X” on my Xbox One, spending (wasting) a good amount of time on Tumblr, eating, and hitting the gym. I’m a fitness junkie, so I work out 4-5 times per week, and I try to always eat as clean and as much as I can. When the weather’s nice, I like joining friends for brunch, seeing a good movie, or checking out a museum. I really want to go to The Frick, a photo museum in an old mansion on the Upper East Side. Now that season 5 of “Game of Thrones” is over I’ll have to find a new Sunday night show…or maybe (probably) a new video game!