Part Costa Rican and part Ecuadorian, travel-loving Senior Director Julie Mendez heads up our Multicultural division. From working with today’s top Latina magazines, bloggers, and products to providing our clients with bilingual content, she and her team help clients connect with an increasingly diverse and global audience. Find out more about Tractenberg & Co.’s biggest Syracuse fan and learn where to trek for the best Neopolitan pizza in New York City.

Name/Title: Julie Mendez, Senior Director, Multicultural Division

Favorite Places in New York City: Carl Shurz Park is ideal for jogging, lounging and Upper East Side people watching. Di Fara’s in Brooklyn is far, but so worth it for their prized pizza pies. For shopping, I love stopping by the Soho Piperlime store because it’s way more fun than scrolling the website—plus I don’t have to deal with the hassle of returns.

Must-Read Blogs: Grub Street, Domaine, Humans of New York

Things I Love Right Now: Things I love right now are sand between my toes, a cool summer breeze on my face, and a tropical beverage in my hand.