Ever wish you could ask media industry experts question? We thought so. That’s why we’re launching Ask The Expert, a new series of posts where we’ll ask one big question to one of the industry’s major players.

First up is Sadie Murray, the go-to girly girl for all things style and beauty. A true Southern California style expert, Sadie has regularly been featured as a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle expert on FOX News, E!, Style Network, and Extra, and co-hosted a weekly talk show for the TV Guide Network. A petite blonde with a big personality, this California girl with an all-or-nothing attitude believes in being brave, taking risks, and living each day to the absolute fullest.

Q: What is the best way to forge relationships with the media?

A: First, you have to think like the media. Be a couple of steps ahead when pitching, and make it as easy as possible for them by knowing exactly how that outlet or TV show operates. Be familiar with their style: every show is completely different, and I always gravitate toward publicists who just get it and make my life easier. I receive countless pitches every single day, so if I see a fully fleshed-out segment idea, I’ll always go with that, as opposed to “Hi! Here’s my client – how can we make something work?” I usually delete those emails. I have assignments from producers while simultaneously creating content, so it’s busy, and my favorite PR people to work with are the ones that make my life easier—the ones that know how to make the impossible happen or at least try. I love working in TV because it’s fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting. Publicists who understand that, jump on board and act like my teammate are the best to work with. My advice is to roll with the changes, think like a producer or on-air expert, pitch specifically, and make it easy for them!