Want to know a PR insider’s thoughts on the industry’s big questions? We hear you. Our Ask the Experts series poses big questions we know you’re dying to ask to some of the media industry’s top experts. This time, we’re chatting with Cheryl Kramer Kaye, the current Executive Beauty Director at Shape magazine. Before her current role, Cheryl served as Beauty & Fashion Director at Star, Beauty Director at Redbook, Beauty & Fashion Director at Fitness,  and Associate Features Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. She is the winner of three Golden Triangle Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology in recognition of excellence in public education, and has made numerous TV appearances discussing beauty and fashion trends, including spots on The Dr. Oz Show, Today, and OK! TV.

Q: What makes a pitch stand out to you?

A: All great pitches have one thing in common: they’re pitched with my magazine in mind. That doesn’t mean I need an exclusive―part of what’s so wonderful about the beauty industry is that there’s plenty of good stuff to go around. But a publicist needs to know my magazine: what our sections are, what kind of things we do and don’t feature, our lead time, etc. If you’re pitching to Shape, for example, there’s a world of difference between “Fabulous Brand X launches new nail polish” and “I think the new nail polish from Fabulous Brand X would be perfect for your Express Beauty section. It dries in seconds, plus it’s chip-proof, so it won’t get scratched during your workout.” Specificity is the key!