Want to know a PR insider’s thoughts on the industry’s big questions? We hear you. Our Ask the Experts series poses big questions we know you want answered to some of the media industry’s top experts.

Today, we’re talking with Brooke Danielson, Accessories Editor for Glamour. With roots in both Virginia and California, Brooke is a former athlete who loves jewelry and preppy, minimalist style. She got her start in the industry as an intern at Halston, working alongside the head designer, and at Vogue. When she’s not scouting out the latest accessory collections, Brooke spends her time creating organic vegan recipes.

 Q: What makes an email pitch stand out for you, and why?

A: What speaks to me most is a clean and concise email. I like to get PDF attachments of the collection shot on a white background. It’s also really important that the subject of the email looks professional, and not like spam. Because an astronomical amount of emails pass through my inbox on any given day, I like pitches to be a paragraph long and include a bit about the designer and the price point (if contemporary to under $100.) A strong image is key, as this will draw my eye in and make me want to know more. When writing pitches, it’s usually best to be short and to the point. Also, make sure it’s personally addressed to the correct contact.